The PROCESS aesthetic is about examining our work, turning out its carefully hidden seams and joints, and tracing them in gold.

We are lucky enough to feature work by contributors from a fantastic diversity of disciplines, including interaction design, condensed-matter physics research, visual art, fiction, zines for programmers, couture and textile design, graphic design, game design, and music technology.

What we’ve learned from PROCESS is that we need interfaces that treat creative processes as first-class citizens.

Honestly? “final.pdf” would make a great epitaph.

—the editors


Angela Zhou
Angela Zhou is a graduate student in operations research. On the side, she has worked with visual culture, magazines, photography, and design research.
Katherine Ye
Katherine Ye is a graduate student in computer science magic and is particularly interested in the design of powerful representations and creative interfaces.
Raymond Zhong
Raymond is a product designer and engineer, working on systems for data, media, knowledge, and information distribution.