principles towards the broke-a-b** capsule kitchen

Eat in season

Thanks to the miracles of globalization, you can pretty much procure any type of produce you desire; which is actually a huge trap because the cheapest (relatively) and best-tasting produce is when it’s in season. This is for very seasonal kinds of produce (e.g. squash) as opposed to things you can find all the time like apples.

Take shortcuts

I really enjoy spicy foods and bold flavors, so I stand by premade flavor bodies like curry paste, ssamjang, gochujang, etc.

Personally, I veer vegetarian because I’m too lazy to marinade things, meat is more expensive, etc. but I also have like a pound of pork belly in the freezer so

Spice liberally

Invest in dried spices since these will last you a long time; fresh herbs are nice and worth it if you can but it can be hard to stare down the nose of $5 basil that’ll wither in the fridge if you’re just cooking for yourself

High-impact affordable indulgences

Like avocadoes.

Don’t deprive yourself!

Eyes on the prize.


Recipe: liang mian (cold sesame noodles)

  • some sort of noodle; ideally long and skinny. I’ve never tried spaghetti, fettucine would work better if you can’t get the chinese kind
  • Sauce: emulsify peanut butter with a bit of water, soy sauce, black vinegar (unnecessary) to taste, add hot sauce. Be careful with the water: you need it to cling to the noodles. if you have sesame oil, this would probably be bomb.
  • mix together; level up with julienned cucumbers, julienned eggs; basically whatever you would put into bibimbap would work !

lentil whatever curry

  • base layer of aromatics: garlic, ginger if you have it, spices, fry in oil. let it get hot and then add onions; wait a few minutes and add bell peppers. season
  • add ~two cups of water or whatever and the lentils; cook for ~20/25 minutes. add in curry paste [if using]
  • possibilities: if you haven’t used a paste that comes with coconut milk; add coconut milk; or whip up a batch of tzatziki and combine on the plate